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, 2014-05-28 

EHF Race Saalburg

To all Drivers,

we are sorry to tell you, that the AMC Schleiz (local Club for Saalburg) have to move the Date for the Race at Saalburg from 30/31.August 2014 to 6/7 September 2014.

We now, that a lot of Drivers have a big Problem with this new Date, but the second choice are to chancel it.

Contact to the Club:
AMC Schleizer Dreieck e.V.
c/o Manuel Metzner
Ludwig – Jahn – Straße 4a
07907 Schleiz
Mail: manuel-metzner@t-online.de
Please Inform the national Drivers for the changes.

Thank you very much.

Michael Rausch
German Hovercraft Club

, 2014-05-10 
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